About Us

We at More Perfume have been making luxury quality Perfume that stays on longer for 25 years. We fill every bottle by hand.  Our commitment each day is to offer more for less. We sell only concentrated real "Perfume," not the much weaker eau de toilette, cologne or eau de parfum that folks usually purchase. Perfume is only sold in tiny 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz bottles at $200 to $300 per ounce. We sell it at rock bottom prices and offer it in three different strengths.

We sell 4 packs of 1/2 samplers for those who prefer to purchase a small size at first. Our Air Fresheners are super concentrated. Our Gardenia, Lilac, Rose, Carnation, Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Tuberose smell just like they are fresh picked, right on the money.

Many of our customers have been wearing our Perfume for years.

We can save you money.  You do not have to pay big money for Perfume. We love fragrances and this is our passion. We are perfectionists that insist on getting every formulation just right. Our versions of designer fragrances are not cheap ones that go away quickly. They will always be very similar to the original fragrance and stay on the body as long or longer. The extra strength and super strength formulations will stay on longer than department store brands.


We give credit for every product and sale made in our business to our Lord Jesus Christ.  We truly appreciate the thousands of customers who have blessed us with orders and re-orders and passed our name on to others. We thank you for visiting our website and hope that you too will be blessed by it.

If you meet us and forget us,

you've lost nothing,

but if you meet Jesus and forget Him,

you've lost everything.