Carnation Perfume For Women, The One And Only True Carnation

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It's hard to beat the spicy clove scent of fresh Carnations. The problem with Carnation is that there just aren't many Carnation fragrances on the market and it's common for them to smell phony. I introduced this formulation after working on it for 5 years to get it just right. There's no phony in this one. It's a dead ringer and it lasts and lasts. That said, this fragrance is slow to develop. It takes a few minutes so please do not judge the scent without spraying it on you and waiting a few minutes before smelling it. Check out our customer feedback to see what others think about our Carnation. It's very potent, so I recommend going with the "Eau De Parfum" unless you have trouble holding fragrance. One spray only at first no higher on the body than the wrist . My wife says it smells just like a Red Carnation. If you are one of the many people who have been trying to find the real Carnation scent in a Perfume, your search is over.




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    Carnation perfume regular strength

    Posted by Elizabeth Muller on Aug 11th 2021

    I used to wear Floris’s Malmaison, a luxurious carnation scent back in the 80s and 90s and then they changed the formula to the effect that the new formula smelled like an old lady’s flat dusting powder. Nothing like the enchanting , spicy scent of carnation.More Perfume has re-created the beloved Malmaison scent I remember and treasure!!!

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    Rich Carnation Scent

    Posted by Holly on Aug 5th 2021

    Carnations are my favourite flower. I’m obsessed with their scent. This perfume has that identical scent, but richer. The mix of floral and spices clove is unmistakably carnation. I can’t get enough off of it.

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    Carnation perfume

    Posted by Allyson Fine on Jun 23rd 2021

    One of my favorites. It's a true carnation fragrance.

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    Carnation perfume

    Posted by Allyson Fine on Jun 19th 2021

    40 years ago I purchased carnation perfume from France. When they stopped making it I thought I would never get that true carnation fragrance. This is the very closest to the french perfume I used to buy. I love it.

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    Smells just like carnations

    Posted by Laura Wingfield on Jun 7th 2021

    I've actually been told I smell like red hots candy or cinnamon as well. I love the spicy scent of carnations as did my Mom. When I wear this it makes me think of her. No one seems to pick it out as Carnation but that is exactly what it smells like. It's wonderful. I am a multiple return buyer.

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    Carnation perfume

    Posted by Denise LeBrun on Apr 29th 2021

    I love this perfume. I’ve been looking for a true carnation scent and I’ve finally found it!!

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    Very nice!

    Posted by Carah on Mar 31st 2021

    This is just like you’d imagine it to be!

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    Carnation perfume

    Posted by Jane on Jan 28th 2021

    I’ve been looking for a carnation perfume for years, after I got a bottle in key west. I even went back there and the perfumery was gone. This fragrance is just like a carnation and I love it.

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    Carnation Perfume

    Posted by Margaret Lamar on Nov 20th 2020

    Just lovely. Spicy and clovey. But not too much clove. Beloved scent. Everyone asks me " Oh, what are you wearing?