Aroma Roma Fragrance Oil

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Aroma Roma is a blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint.  Eucalyptus clears the nasal passages and Peppermint is an energizer.  I once had a customer comment that he had wasted hundreds of dollars on prescription medications to clear clogged nasal passages associated with allergies.  Those medications did nothing.  My Aroma Roma easily accomplished the task and doubled as a fresh, clean bathroom deodorizer.  It may also help with allergy headaches. 

Fragrance oils are suitable for candle burners or for potpourri.  Our choice of bottles at this very low price.  Please note that if you purchase any item in our store, excluding items with Free Shipping, the first item will ship for $6.95 and each additional one will ship for $.75 each, regardless of size.