Gardenia Perfume The Only Real Gardenia Scent Out There

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Jack worked for five years perfecting this Gardenia scent. Jack grew up with a Gardenia bush in his yard and this is his number one favorite floral scent. It had to be just perfect and it is right on the money. It's the only true Gardenia scent in the country. You can smell exactly like a fresh Gardenia. This particular fragrance turns a dark red color over time, so be careful not to spray it near furniture. We recommend spraying it on the skin. However, if you happen to spray it on your clothing, it does come out in the wash.

If your budget will not allow you to purchase designer fragrances or you are unwilling to pay the high price, we offer an affordable alternative. Our versions are not cheap formulations that go away quickly.   Our Perfumes will always be very similar to the original fragrance and the “Regular Strength” will stay on the body as long or longer. The "Extra Strength" and "Super Strength" formulations will stay on longer than the original scent.   If you do not hold fragrance well, you need to step up to my "Extra Strength" Perfume or in extreme cases, my "Super Strength" formulation.

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    Real Gardenia

    Posted by Miss Chrissy on Oct 9th 2022

    I was on a gardenia kick one spring/summer and I really enjoy Jack's version. It's not a strong perfumey gardenia, but instead a terrific balance of everything gardenia, green, and sunshiny. Very much like the gardenia in the backyard of my Florida home.

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    Gardenia Perfume

    Posted by Deanne on May 17th 2022

    I was amazed at how lovely this scent is. The truest to the actual flower I have ever smelled.

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    Gardenia super strength

    Posted by Sharon on Jul 25th 2018

    I've been trying to find a gardenia perfume that actually smells like the real flower for over 40 years. YOU NAILED IT!! If I closed my eyes and sniffed this perfume, then a real, just-picked gardenia flower, I couldn't tell the difference (and I have an excellent sense of smell). This is my new signature perfume. Sometimes I'll spritz a bit on just to make myself smile. This gardenia perfume is astoundingly accurate!!