Jopenstagen Cologne For Men Version Of Joop®

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"Jopenstagen" is our version of Joop® by Joop.  This oriental fragrance consists of vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli, sandalwood, orange, lemon, orange blossom, bergamot, cinnamon, jasmine and lily of the valley.

If your budget will not allow you to purchase designer fragrances or you are unwilling to pay the high price, we offer an affordable alternative.  Our versions are not cheap formulations that go away quickly.  Our Perfumes will always be very similar to the original designer fragrance and the “Regular Strength” will stay on the body as long or longer.  The "Extra Strength" and "Super Strength" formulations will stay on longer than department store brands.  If you do not hold fragrance well, you need to step up to my Extra Strength Perfume or in extreme cases, my Super Strength Perfume.